Susan Wallace formed SBW Advisory Services LLC in 2020 to provide experienced and personalized service to nonprofit institutions and similar organizations in the areas of finance, facilities, and capital project management. Susan’s thirty-five plus years of diverse experience offers a unique blend of direct owner-side business and operations experience, coupled with a deep knowledge of planning, design, and construction oversight which has resulted in the opening of multiple new and transformed buildings in the New York metropolitan and Hudson Valley regions.


Strategic advice and implementation

Some goals and issues are straightforward, and a solution can be easily identified. In more complex situations, as is often the case with real estate and capital projects, a more strategic approach to assessing the options may be warranted. SBW can outline due diligence and the implications of choices to find the right alignment among potentially competing priorities. SBW provides advice on best practices for an organized and efficient delivery of a project from beginning to end. Working closely with owners to develop an appropriate plan that fits their needs, we seek to identify and manage risks and funds carefully.

Big Picture and Little Picture Thinking

Detail-oriented while also focused on the big picture, we move easily between both perspectives to maintain project flow. SBW helps owners understand the overall process and then each step so that informed decisions can be made quickly and efficiently. In this way we can facilitate and support owners to achieve project goals successfully.

Creative and Collaborative

SBW fosters a collaborative and creative approach to problem-solving between owners and all project team members with a foundation of mutual respect. Capital projects can be difficult, and issues can arise even with the best advance planning. In those situations, timely communication is critical. We believe that maintaining an open dialogue and sharing ideas among the entire team can lead to more successful outcomes for owners – and promote an environment where everyone can do their best work.

An Owner’s Perspective

From experience SBWAS knows the importance of:

  • Anticipating what lies ahead and helping owners prepare
  • Finding solutions that fit the owner’s needs and culture
  • Regular and timely communication
  • Providing a simple translation of issues
  • Navigating the unique planning requirements of transition and growth
  • Respecting that every dollar is precious